Sign Board of At Taqwa Mosque
Geoje Korea

Strolling Down Memory Lane in At Taqwa Mosque, Okpo, Geoje

It’s raining now here in Yogyakarta, and it reminds me of something : this loneliness, I had this kind of feeling before. But at that time, it disappeared when I found something to cure it, and It was At Taqwa Mosque, Okpo-dong, Geoje-si, South Korea! (read also : Masjid Gohyeon, Geoje Island – How to reach there )

Location of At Taqwa Mosque, Okpo-dong, Geoje-si

At that time, Google map didn’t give me a clue where this mosque was located. I was trying to follow the guide I found in foursquare, and to be precise, the address of this mosque is:

경상남도 거제시 옥포중앙로 54 (옥포동 512-1) 2 층
54, Okpojungang-ro, Geoje-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea

and now it’s indexed in Google Maps so you can easily find your destination here

This At Taqwa mosque is located at the second floor of the building, and at the first floor, there is a store selling bicycle.

At Taqwa Mosque

and here is the sign board you’ll notice once you come in the vicinity of the mosque. Just go upstairs and turn right, and you’ll arrive in the mosque itself.

Sign Board of At Taqwa Mosque
Sign Board

Recalling the Very First Moment..

I remember, it was about three days after I arrived in South Korea or to be precise at 18th February 2015, coincided with Lunar New Year, the very first time I decided to go out from my apartment and tried to find something that was going to be a place to seek refuge from this worldly life in that country of Ginseng : a Mosque. It was cold enough, since the spring had yet to come, so I had to get in the bus wearing such a thick jacket, and walked to reach there. I could feel the cold breeze forcing me to wrap my jacket even tighter.

Gladly enough, though my phone was lost in Korea due to my ignorance, but alhamdulillah, the photo I took at the very first time I entered this mosque can be revived. Thanks to google photo!

The Very First Time I Came to At Taqwa Mosque
Ready to do Zuhr Prayer

It was before Zuhr prayer was held, and there were couple of people coming to this Mosque to do congregational prayer. And the story of mine about this Mosque also began at that very moment!

I don’t know the exact process this Mosque, named as Masjid At Taqwa, was established. The only thing I know is : Petronas was building its first-in-the-world floating LNG facility in DSME (Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering) Yard here in Okpo, South Korea. Due to some number of Malaysian Muslims coming to this island, they needed a place called a Masjid, so they decided to rent the second floor of the building to make it a Mosque to cater the need of the people, and even they invited some Imams directly from Malaysia to stay in there and lead the prayers. And yes, the mosque was crowded especially during the Friday Prayer.

Congregational Prayer

Other Activities…

In addition to the congregational prayers, this mosque also had some other activities. These included : Reciting 10 first ayah and 10 last ayah of Surat Al-Kahf after Isha, conducting weekly Islamic lecture, and some of gatherings be it after the weekly Islamic lecture or in other occasions.

Weekly Islamic Lecture
Pak Supra was Giving a Speech during Weekly Lecture

I personally liked the gatherings so much since the food was abundantly available. Start from that, I am developing love towards Malaysian cuisines, it’s delightful, it’s delicious, it feels like home!

Nasi Lemak
Nasi Lemak!

What about Ramadan? Every night, before Maghrib, people were coming to this Masjid to break their fast together and again it was so much food, and I was drooling!!! And even more, sometimes, I was able to take home some of those food to be heated again in my apartment as a pre-dawn meal, alhamdulillah!

Food during Iftar
So Much Food ^^

Current Situation…

Just a couple of months after I left Korea, Malaysian people were also coming back to their country since the Floating LNG project had been finished. The thing I know so far is, the mosque still exist, and the Uzbekistan people are now taking care of it.

It was a great chance and a great time to be able to spend one year of my life in South Korea as a Muslim. Having had a chance to feel the multitude of experiences in this Mosque was also another blessing that I should be thankful. I met new friends, I met new people, and those people were helping me a lot during that rough time. Here now, I’m praying that Allah will always shower His mercy towards them, wherever they are now, and hopefully we’ll be able to meet again, if it’s not in this world, then maybe in the hereafter. And hopefully, Islam will continue to rise in that country!



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