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Hey Malaysian Muslim Travelers, How Much I Envy You!

I’d like to write this kind of post, acknowledging how much I envy you, Malaysian Muslim travelers. Seems you’re so proud of being Muslims traveling abroad, holding tightly into your religion. You care so much about the food you’re going to ingest. You pay so much attention towards it and always looking for the Halal options. You’re truly ambassadors introducing the beauty of our religion towards people on the other part of the globe. Not to mention, I envy the power of your passport as well, which is so astonishing! hehe..

Everyone knows my country has the biggest number of Muslims dwelling on every part of its islands. But, to be honest, I’m not -so much- proud of it. We have the number, but we lack of quality. Even for the smallest think like eating Halal food, we don’t really care about it. Many of us still have a thought, “as long as it’s not pork, then everything is okay“. Do you agree with that premise? I don’t think so… I’ve been observing into some of internal backpacker forums, but the discussion about that topic are just measly -which sounds to me it’s kinda weird, because our country is the most populous Muslim country in the world- to the extent that when I want to ask about halal restaurants or prayer rooms in some places, I find it very odd, because not many people talk about it, or are they just so allergic talking about being Muslim travelers? I have no idea. But on the other side, I found it’s not that strange when I’m watching into your traveling forums. And I believe, the prayer rooms which are so accessible in Korea, the plethora of Halal restaurants over there, all of them are available because of you guys! And I’m proud of you!

So here I am, I don’t know much about the reality you guys have, but I envy you! I love Nasi Lemak too… so much! haha… Hopefully we’re able to work together!

Nasi Lemak
Nasi Lemak!



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